March Madness Half Marathon - Race Report

I guess since I haven't bothered to write about how my training went, I'll start there.
First off I haven't taken a day off since December 27, I managed to train in some form every day during this process, it has made a huge difference in the way I approached this race mentally.
It ended up breaking down into three parts.
Part 1:
I got in a great base of miles and some workouts that impressed me. Culminating in a 5x 6 minute interval workout at 6:30 pace, that had me pumped to get a PR.
About 2 weeks after that interval workout some calf and hamstring tightness started creeping in on my left leg. I spent the better part of 3 weeks doing circuit training sessions, stretching​, and rolling out my legs and back.
Part 3:
Back to the road trying to figure out how much of my fitness stayed with me. I kept up with the stretching and rolling and 2 days of circuits for the remainder of the train up.

March Madness Half Marathon Profile

I came off a nice taper week and felt like the training I did had gone well. This race course although in the Midwest it is not what I would describe as flat there are 12(?) marked hills on this course although I would only classify 3 or 4 of them as time effecting. I found the published course profile deceiving, once I was running.

I managed to get out fairly well the first 2 miles, despite my lack of warm up. The next few miles were a nice smooth cruise (Race bliss!) through to mile 9. My guess from looking at the profile was it was the downhill section was harder on me than anything else. This is when tightness started to creep in my leg a little bit through to mile 12.  After that all bets were off as I thought i might be able to recover the PR pace I had set throughout the first half.

All said and done I finished just 75 seconds off of my PR, from August 2007, I'm no expert on grade or age adjusted times but my guess is this is the best half marathon I've run so far. I definitely had huge positive splits on this it makes me hopefully for the rest of the season and seeing where I can take my current running fitness. I've got some more racing planned including another half in August maybe that old PR will fall after a decade.

March Madness Finish

I've got a 10k coming up this weekend hopefully I can motivate myself to get a race report up more quickly.

On the shoe front I did all of the training for this race in a single pair of Carson Footwear Zombie Racers, I actually ran all of my miles in this single pair of shoes since last October.
I've run in a lot of different shoes since I started running almost 20 years ago and these are by far the best running shoes I've worn in that time. I did recently get a new pair and if you decide you would like to give them a try use the code run2017sw for 10% off and free shipping. There is no shoe I could recommend more. Here's a few shots of the pair with 650 miles next to a new pair.

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