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March Madness Half Marathon - Race Report

I guess since I haven't bothered to write about how my training went, I'll start there.
First off I haven't taken a day off since December 27, I managed to train in some form every day during this process, it has made a huge difference in the way I approached this race mentally. It ended up breaking down into three parts.
Part 1:
I got in a great base of miles and some workouts that impressed me. Culminating in a 5x 6 minute interval workout at 6:30 pace, that had me pumped to get a PR.
About 2 weeks after that interval workout some calf and hamstring tightness started creeping in on my left leg. I spent the better part of 3 weeks doing circuit training sessions, stretching​, and rolling out my legs and back.
Part 3:
Back to the road trying to figure out how much of my fitness stayed with me. I kept up with the stretching and rolling and 2 days of circuits for the remainder of the train up.

I came off a nice taper week and felt like the training I did had gone …