Turkey Trot Time

The race training went very well, I think I missed just 1 or 2 workouts during the 6 week train up. I got to the race feeling fast-ish and rested. 1st Mile was the only flat one, that shows in the splits. 2nd mile was a little up and down  it felt good I even managed to move up a bit in the pack I was with. 3rd Mile was a little less up and down than 2 was, felt good moved up some more and only had a little left at the finish. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result, again though I'm pretty sure I need to move up more at the start.
Turkey Trot Results
Best race of the year sub 19 minute 5k is nothing to complain about. It takes me into my early spring half marathon training feeling hopeful for that I will be able to hold onto this "speed" and get a half marathon PR in the spring.

Have fun. Keeping Running.

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