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Training plans can work

Over the last 4 weeks I've made what feels like progress. The last week has produced a couple runs that started with my energy low and an attitude to match, but left me feeling energized and more focused. Maybe I'm just reaping the benefits of my third focused 5k training plan of the year. I broke plan and spent 2 days on the bike with the VQ crew, I think that decision may play a pivotal role in how this turkey trot turns out. 4 more weeks to figure out if I'm right.

Morton Arboretum - Fall Color 5k - Race Report

A nice 4 week train up after the Alumni XC race turned in to a nice race at the Morton Arboretum - Fall Color 5k. It's been 2 years since I did this race last and it appears that actually training is working out well as my time improved nearly 2 minutes from last time.

At the start I may have been a bit too humble, the first mile was spent weaving around some other runners. The second mile went pretty smoothly even with a hill thrown in it was only 6 seconds of the first split. Mile three was spent in a back-and-forth battle for position, I ended up using the last .1 mile to make sure I won that battle. I was pretty happy with my 19:09 finish, that is until I realized I was 11th overall and 4th in the age group. I know I seem crazy for being a little down about the placing. I just wish I had known that 6 seconds faster would move me up in both categories. It's been so long since I've even had the chance to finish Top 10 in a race.

We had a great crew out for the race.