So I missed a few weeks of posts

Well after my last post I got in another 2 weeks of goods consistent training....then one day my hamstring tightened up a little during a run, no big deal right.

Wrong 2 days later while in the middle a a nice fartlek workout my Achilles attachment started to hurt, so of course I did the right thing and finished the hard part of the workout before stopping, BAD IDEA.

I spent the next three to 4 weeks cycling and doing some circuit training but running was out of the question, BOOOOOOOOO!

Through some remote PT help, I was able to get my self back to running for the last 4 weeks before the Bayshore Marathon.

Race day came and I got suckered into the crowd and ran the first half a little faster than I planned on and crashed and burned on the second half.

I guess missing those few weeks in the middle of training really did hurt the prep but I stilled managed to keep it under 4 hours.

I'm about 12 weeks from my next race which will be a half marathon.

I just took a week off due partially to sickness and mostly to laziness.

Training kicks off for real this weekend, hopefully I manage the miles a little better this time.

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