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"Not doing it"

So I mentioned in my last post that I was planning a half marathon this fall; I even signed up for it, really I did, to bad the race director and team didn't hold up their end of that bargain. 12 weeks until race day they sent an email out cancelling the race. I have no idea how a planning team so grossly underestimates the cost of putting on a race that it must get cancelled on such "short" notice to the competitors. I'm still planning another race but I'm looking for the right one still. Training will continue but with no goal set it feels like just in between.

So I missed a few weeks of posts

Well after my last post I got in another 2 weeks of goods consistent training....then one day my hamstring tightened up a little during a run, no big deal right.Wrong 2 days later while in the middle a a nice fartlek workout my Achilles attachment started to hurt, so of course I did the right thing and finished the hard part of the workout before stopping, BAD IDEA.I spent the next three to 4 weeks cycling and doing some circuit training but running was out of the question, BOOOOOOOOO!Through some remote PT help, I was able to get my self back to running for the last 4 weeks before the Bayshore Marathon.Race day came and I got suckered into the crowd and ran the first half a little faster than I planned on and crashed and burned on the second half.I guess missing those few weeks in the middle of training really did hurt the prep but I stilled managed to keep it under 4 hours.I'm about 12 weeks from my next race which will be a half marathon.I just took a week off due partially to …