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Weather is not to be questioned - T-Minus 19 Weeks

So winter is crazy weather time apparently.
Temperatures over the past week have ranged  for 45F to -4F...

I've been forced into cross-training indoors the last couple days.
Lesson 1: The dreadmill is not my friend within 5 minutes of getting on that torture device my hamstring started to grab
Lesson 2: The elliptical (hamster wheel) for a 5k isn't the worst thing in the world
Lesson 3: Circuit Training with body weight alone is way  more fun than using weights
Lesson 4: Training on the Whole 30 is not that same as the rest of the time.

Wishing for warmth so I can go back outside.

Here's to the New Year ...20 weeks to go

With 20 weeks to go I've determined that I have a long way to go to get ready for this marathon and I've got to start putting some miles in that don't hurt.

By pure forgetfulness to charge my heart rate monitor I had 2 runs in a row without it.
Here's what a learned:
I run faster
I hurt less
I miss the data from it...

Plan going froward for me is to wear it but not have anything showing or telling me the information from it until after the run is over. I've been running with a heart rate monitor pretty much all the time since the winter of 2005, I might be addicted to the numbers. I'm going to try not to see/hear them for a while even though I still want the info.