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Turkey Trot Time

The race training went very well, I think I missed just 1 or 2 workouts during the 6 week train up. I got to the race feeling fast-ish and rested. 1st Mile was the only flat one, that shows in the splits. 2nd mile was a little up and down  it felt good I even managed to move up a bit in the pack I was with. 3rd Mile was a little less up and down than 2 was, felt good moved up some more and only had a little left at the finish. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result, again though I'm pretty sure I need to move up more at the start.
Best race of the year sub 19 minute 5k is nothing to complain about. It takes me into my early spring half marathon training feeling hopeful for that I will be able to hold onto this "speed" and get a half marathon PR in the spring.

Have fun. Keeping Running.

Training plans can work

Over the last 4 weeks I've made what feels like progress. The last week has produced a couple runs that started with my energy low and an attitude to match, but left me feeling energized and more focused. Maybe I'm just reaping the benefits of my third focused 5k training plan of the year. I broke plan and spent 2 days on the bike with the VQ crew, I think that decision may play a pivotal role in how this turkey trot turns out. 4 more weeks to figure out if I'm right.

Morton Arboretum - Fall Color 5k - Race Report

A nice 4 week train up after the Alumni XC race turned in to a nice race at the Morton Arboretum - Fall Color 5k. It's been 2 years since I did this race last and it appears that actually training is working out well as my time improved nearly 2 minutes from last time.

At the start I may have been a bit too humble, the first mile was spent weaving around some other runners. The second mile went pretty smoothly even with a hill thrown in it was only 6 seconds of the first split. Mile three was spent in a back-and-forth battle for position, I ended up using the last .1 mile to make sure I won that battle. I was pretty happy with my 19:09 finish, that is until I realized I was 11th overall and 4th in the age group. I know I seem crazy for being a little down about the placing. I just wish I had known that 6 seconds faster would move me up in both categories. It's been so long since I've even had the chance to finish Top 10 in a race.

We had a great crew out for the race.


ASC Alumni XC Race

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of making it back to my Alma Mater Alfred State College for the Alumni XC Race and a Hall of Fame Induction for the recently retired Coach Gary Moore as well as 2 of his National Championship Teams one of which I was a lucky member of. It was a great day spent in honor of our well deserving Coach.

As for the race itself the course profile may speak for itself. That general rise between mile 1 and 2 is 200 feet. This course has been destroying dreams of fast times since it was mapped. I still finished around 21 minutes, I'll find out how my fitness is in a few weeks at my next race and see how these hills translate to the Midwest.

"Not doing it"

So I mentioned in my last post that I was planning a half marathon this fall; I even signed up for it, really I did, to bad the race director and team didn't hold up their end of that bargain. 12 weeks until race day they sent an email out cancelling the race. I have no idea how a planning team so grossly underestimates the cost of putting on a race that it must get cancelled on such "short" notice to the competitors. I'm still planning another race but I'm looking for the right one still. Training will continue but with no goal set it feels like just in between.

So I missed a few weeks of posts

Well after my last post I got in another 2 weeks of goods consistent training....then one day my hamstring tightened up a little during a run, no big deal right.Wrong 2 days later while in the middle a a nice fartlek workout my Achilles attachment started to hurt, so of course I did the right thing and finished the hard part of the workout before stopping, BAD IDEA.I spent the next three to 4 weeks cycling and doing some circuit training but running was out of the question, BOOOOOOOOO!Through some remote PT help, I was able to get my self back to running for the last 4 weeks before the Bayshore Marathon.Race day came and I got suckered into the crowd and ran the first half a little faster than I planned on and crashed and burned on the second half.I guess missing those few weeks in the middle of training really did hurt the prep but I stilled managed to keep it under 4 hours.I'm about 12 weeks from my next race which will be a half marathon.I just took a week off due partially to …

the next 11 weeks...

If they go like this week should be fun-ish. This week everything became a little bit more of a routine. I'm still liking that I don't have to actually think about what to do and all I have to do is look at the schedule and do what it tells me. It seems that having something tell me what I need to do to be prepared is making me feel more accountable. I was traveling one day this week and the guilt of missing my run produced a double the next day very early and then in the evening good thing the next day was a rest day.

12 weeks and counting

Finally had to concede that I needed to go back to the simple days..... Show up and run. I've given in to following a training plan for the remainder of the way.So far so good. A decent time trial mid-week and I even felt like my long run was successful.Hopefully it keeps on the up an up.

Weather is not to be questioned - T-Minus 19 Weeks

So winter is crazy weather time apparently.
Temperatures over the past week have ranged  for 45F to -4F...

I've been forced into cross-training indoors the last couple days.
Lesson 1: The dreadmill is not my friend within 5 minutes of getting on that torture device my hamstring started to grab
Lesson 2: The elliptical (hamster wheel) for a 5k isn't the worst thing in the world
Lesson 3: Circuit Training with body weight alone is way  more fun than using weights
Lesson 4: Training on the Whole 30 is not that same as the rest of the time.

Wishing for warmth so I can go back outside.

Here's to the New Year ...20 weeks to go

With 20 weeks to go I've determined that I have a long way to go to get ready for this marathon and I've got to start putting some miles in that don't hurt.

By pure forgetfulness to charge my heart rate monitor I had 2 runs in a row without it.
Here's what a learned:
I run faster
I hurt less
I miss the data from it...

Plan going froward for me is to wear it but not have anything showing or telling me the information from it until after the run is over. I've been running with a heart rate monitor pretty much all the time since the winter of 2005, I might be addicted to the numbers. I'm going to try not to see/hear them for a while even though I still want the info.