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Slow and Low that is the tempo...23 Weeks to go.

Slow — HR and Low -Miles
Base time is the simple time to turn slow and low into fast — -ish and bigger miles.
So far this latest interlude to running more consistently has lead to me dropping pace a minute, or more depending on the day, at the same HR as 3 months ago.
Somehow I have to figure out how to maintain the same HR and drop another minute over the next 23 weeks we’ll see how that turns out

24 and counting

My guide to knowing when things are progressing too quickly1. Have a few good runs.
2. Push the mileage and pace a little.
3. Go for a run that ends after 1 mile and turns in to doing form drills and a round of the 7 minute workout.
4. Step back to running every other day.Try to remember this in the future.Other than that still on schedule for May.

25 Weeks to go...

Here's to trying to put together a 25 week marathon training plan for myself.

Not sure how this is going to go being my own coach...
So far so good I've got a plan to just get out everyday for the next few weeks and either run or bike(computrainer rides anyway) everyday, hopefully skipping lots of early rest days.just to make sure this new running habit is taking shape properly.
At least I've been running fairly regularly as of late so this should be an easier transition in to some more regimented and rigorous running.
Between now and May 28 I've got time on my side(queue the stones in your head here). I've just got to make good use of it.